With the financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, the Senior Citizens' Homes for elderly Women is functioning at Chudakhiakateni in Dhenkanal district. With an intake capacity of 50 beneficiaries, during the reporting period total 50 elderly women from different part of the district were provided free accommodation, food, clothing, shelter, vocational training, health services, counseling, recreational support etc. Out of 50 inmates provided services over the year 2019-20. For rendering effective services to the residents, counselor, part time doctor and centre superintendent has been appointed. The officials from the local line department are monitoring the progress of the activities and the program is running smoothly.

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With the support from Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, The Chetana is implementing a project named The Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) at Kolhua PO. Bainsia of Dhenkanal which is considered as a stepping stone in the social reform activities of the organization. The centre is a 15 bedded facility equipped with necessary infrastructure and facilities providing multifaceted activities for prevention of alcoholism & substance abuse. During the reporting period both outdoor and indoor services were provided. In 2019-20 total 463 persons were registered in out door and 164 provided indoor services. To its credit 82 patients are now free from addiction. Necessary steps being taken for the rehabilitation of relapsed cases in family/communities. Besides, in its outreach activities awareness camps organized in different locations of Dhenkanal district focusing on drug abuse, its prevention and drug abuse related problems including HIV and AIDS.


With the objectives at providing complete healing practices to the patients suffering from different endemic and health hazards the organization, the Chetana had set up a Physiotherapy centre for the older persons at Dhenkanal town in the year 2011-12. The centre continued its services uninterruptedly during the year 2019-20 and total 1127 older patients having the worst case of health hazards were provided free clinical and physical therapeutic services. Apart from this, 05 field level assessment camps organized for screening different older patients having the severe health hazards and the local SHG members, PRIs, AAW, ASHA were involved for disseminating the information as well as the objectives and activities of our physiotherapy centre.


To address the health needs of senior citizens and older persons of Gondia block of Dhenkanal district, The Chetana running one mobile health unit called “ Mobile Medical Unit for Older Person” in the year 2015-16 and continued its services during the year 2019-20. The organization has made arrangement for hiring annually one well equipped Medical Van with one part-time doctor and a staff nurse that visited different locations on weekly basis to provide health check up and instant care services to the needy older persons.


The respite care home for the neglected, deserted older persons opened at Joranda under Gondia block of Dhenkanal district addressed suffering from different chronic illness and mild disability of older persons and provided services like free health care with nutritional food intake, supplementing the need of continuous nursing and other such facilities free of cost in the year 2019-20. The organization mobilized support of local medical staff to provide referral support to the persons although the services are being rendered by the appointed physicians, Para-medical staffs, counselors and other subordinate staffs. During the reporting year, total 253 such patients in need of respite care were admitted in the center.


The Old Age Home of THE CHETANA is functioning at Jharsuguda district head quarter since 1-4-2012. The older persons from poorer families who are uncared and deserted by the family are provided residential facility with free fooding, recreation and health care. During the year 2019-20, total 25 inmates have been admitted in the home and most of these are poor, BPL & distressed categories. The Home is functioning as per the fixed daily routine. All the inmates are getting free boarding, lodging and clothing, recreational facilities. Besides, weekly health checks up & treatment is conducted by the part time Doctor & Nurse.


The Rural Library Centre located at Chudakhiakateni in Gondia block, Dhenkanal district promotes literary pursuits and enhances knowledge of the community people in rural areas of the locality. The said Centre of learning is sponsored by Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata. The library is enriched with more than 7180 books which include books of history, culture, children’s literature, Novel, periodicals etc. in Odia , English & Hindi languages. Magazines and news papers in English & odia languages are subscribed for documentation purpose. Besides, one documentation cell has been developed and equipped with qualitative rare books & palm leaf manuscripts. The students/ non-students, organisation staff and the general public are using the services of the library uninterruptedly. More than 359 youth and local people registered as visitors to the library over 2019-2020.


As a continuation programme, The CHETANA organized Cricket tournament at Ballav in which 08 local teams participated. Apart, a foot ball tournament was also organized at Bainsia in which 12 foot ball teams participated. The District level and Block level sports persons were invited as guests of honour to grace the program.


On the eve of World Earth Day on 22nd April 2019, THE CHETANA organized a celebration meeting at Bainsia Gram Panchayat Office where youths were oriented on global warming and the role of youths in making earth green and clean. On this occasion, total 5000 species were planted across the village Ballav, Khankar, Chudakhiakateni and Kolhua of Gondia block by the local youths. The nursery raising activity on horticultural plants continued in Chaudakhiakateni.


On the eve of International Women’s day, The Chetana also organized one workshop at Kolhua under Gondia Block focusing on women empowerment and the workshop was attended by 89 women from different community based organizations, SHG leaders, women PRI members. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Nabin Pati, Social Activist. The workshop was followed by Pada Yatra with placards and slogans.


Aiming at encouraging the youth to identify themselves with the needs and aspirations of the poor and deprived sections of the community and to work with them in situation of concrete realities, THE CHETANA organized a two day long youth leadership training camp at Bainsia Gram Panchayata of Gondia block i.e. from 12th-13th, October 2019. Total 78 youth both male and female from villages like Bainsia, Ballav, Kanka, Kathapal & Khankar participated.. The training programme provided opportunities for youths to learn on community living and to work in adverse field situations. The District level line department officials and senior social workers and professionals imparted training to the youth.


Keeping in view the plight of women labourers, a one day sensitization programme for women labourers was organized at Gondia block head quarter in Dhenkanal district on 07/01/2020. Total 49 women labour participated and got sensitized on their rights and protective laws. During the year 2019-20, The Chetana also organized five Awareness campaign involving members of community based organizations, SHGs, PRIs, local line department for sensitize the general public about the ill effects of child labour and women labour and to capacitate the vulnerable women and children to assert their legitimate rights, duties and responsibilities to build the Nation.


In order to promote and restore traditional cultural heritage in Odisha, The Chetana organized one workshop to list out the different cultural practices, their status and the action points required to revitalize the same. In the workshop academics, cultural artistes and researchers, NGO representatives attended. The Chetana also initiated some steps during 2019-20. The tribal communities are well recognized for their specific folk art and cultural practices. But acculturation and migration of tribal families leads to disintegration and thereby extinction of these art and cultural practices.


During the year 2019-20, The Chetana organized life skill education and training programme for adolescent girls in Gondia block of Dhenkanal district. The programme was conducted from 24th-25th August 2019. Total 40 adolescent girls were covered in this week long programme. The resource persons while offering education to out of the school adolescent girls counseled about reproductive sexual health, pre-cautions to be taken during puberty, management of anemia, menstrual hygiene, complexities during anemia and the safe use of napkins.


Skill development is one of the major focus area of The Chetana and during the reporting period 2019-20 vocational training for the educated disables (orthopedically handicapped, and deaf & dumb) on trades like coir craft making, Garment making and candle making were continued. Like previous years each of these trades covered 30 trainees and the training imparted over a period of 2 months each.


The Chetana also organized one workshop on Land and Water Management by Local Initiatives taking representation of local farmers and PRI members in Gondia block of Dhenkanal district on 14th November 2019. The workshop was attended by some social activists and community leaders besides farmers and youths. Resource persons highlighted different aspects of land and water management and discussed the role of farmers and community for in situ management process. Total 35 farmers, 18 PRI members and 06 NGO activist and other leaders participated in the workshop.


The Chetana being associated with the SWATCH BHARAT Mission (Grameen), constructed 299 IHHL with collaboration with RWS&S, Dhenkanal. These IHHLs has been constructed in Jamunakote Gram Panchayatas under Bhuban Block and Bainsia Gram Panchayata under Gondia block.


The Chetana for promoting and popularizing yoga, organized yoga training in the CHETANA Training Hall located at Chudakhiakateni on regular basis. In these Yoga sessions, local youths, students, and elders attended. During the year 2019-20, total coverage of Yoga practitioners are given under. The organization engaged regular Yoga Instructor to facilitate the sessions daily.


THE CHETANA conducted awareness program for the rural consumers to enable them to get their rights. It has conducted total 02 consumer awareness camps & pada yatra in Gondia block of Dhenkanal district during 2019-20. IEC materials has also been developed and distributed among the larger audience with the aim to educate and aware the rural consumers.


The Chetana organized a food processing training for SHG women in Chuadakhiakateni training hall. The training on micro trades like, manufacturing of Jam, Jelly, Sauce, Pickle and other food craft items were provided to 30 women beneficiaries. This is an income generating venture of the SHGs being initiated by the organization towards economic empowerment of the women. The duration of the program was one month and efficient master trainers imparted training to the SHGs.